Has 80's Chick shown up again outside of Party Mania?

No, Party Mania is 80s Chick’s only appearance so far.

Linkara and Pollo break into Lord Vyce’s hideout, only to find he’s not there. Pollo detects a residual energy trace coming from Vyce’s Shade body and concludes that he’s been gone no more than a day. Linkara is furious, saying they could’ve been there sooner if Ninja-Style Dancer had shown up when he was supposed to and wonders where he is. Pollo says that Doctor Linksano said he saw Ninja-Style Dancer leave in a hurry. Linkara says he’s sick of everyone coming and going without a word and maybe he should built more Cybermats to help out. Pollo reports that the Cybermats are infiltrating other areas of the hideout and are finding armor plating and metal working materials. Linkara guesses that Vyce is trying to rebuild his old suit. Nimue has managed to get into the files on Vyce’s computers and they’re able to see what Vyce was looking at most recently. It appears to be a poem about the King of Worms:

The King of Worms wears a crown of terror
In the Court of Worms there is none fairer
We are all equal beneath the surface layer
Our souls are screaming and begging in prayer

Linkara tells Pollo to download everything on the computers and have Nimue bring up Vyce’s files on fighting the Entity again. If Vyce was concerned about the King of Worms, maybe they should be too.

A Cybermat watches from the shadows.

In the apartment, Pollo communicates with Linkara up in Comicron-1. They believe they’ve finally located Lord Vyce and Linkara tells Pollo to get the gang together and Pollo sounds the alarm. 90s Kid arrives in confusion and Pollo asks if he’s seen Ninja-Style Dancer, to which 90s Kid responds in the negative. Pollo says that Ninja-Style Dancer hasn’t answered his communicator in a while and they need to find him. Pollo tells 90s Kid to call Harvey Finevoice and tell him to get over here but 90s Kid says that he just passed Harvey in the hall, and mentions that he’s talking to himself. Pollo tells 90s Kid to get him while he issues a recall on the Cybermats and anyone else they can find.

During this, the Walking Foam Lizard has been watching from the shadows. She silently turns and leaves.

When storyline segments show up in an episode, when are they added to the guide?

I usually try to add the storyline segments within the same day the episode is released, but it depends on when I actually watch it.

Mirrorkara teleports into Linkara’s apartment seeking vengeance on Iron Liz. Mirrorkara explains that Liz convinced the Doctor Insano of his universe to use his spaceship to keep him from taking over the world, and since then he’s decided to try his luck in other universes. He tries to convince Linkara to join him, but Linkara’s more interested in where he got his own Magic Gun. Mirrorkara explains that it was forged by a demonic cult. An angry Margaret appears, asking if there was a girl named Margaret who was sacrificed by that cult, but then a Mirror Margaret appears, saying that she volunteered to be sacrificed.

Linkara and Mirror Linkara start firing on each other, but Mirror Linkara uses some kind of device on Linkara’s Magic Gun. Linkara asks Nimue for analysis, and Nimue explains that the device is similar to an anti-magic field generator, except it needs a brief amount of time to analyze the foe and adapt. Linkara concludes that he needs to change what he’s fighting with every minute or so. He uses his new Gosei Morpher to morph into Zeo form. Thoughout the battle he uses the Morpher to equip himself with various outfits and weapons, including:

- Starfleet uniform with BFG

- “Gun and Sorcery” Journey outfit with Liberator gun

- Obelisk blue uniform with Duel Disk

- Kickassia “Patton” outfit

Mirrorkara mocks Linkara for playing out childish power fantasies, saying that Linkara is just as egomaniacal as he is. Linkara changes into a Pokemon trainer (X/Y) outfit and throws a Pokeball at Mirrorkara, releasing Pyramid Head. While Mirrorkara unsuccessfully battles Pyramid Head, Linkara changes into his classic outfit and admits that he IS egotistical. But he goes on to say that thanks to his loved ones, his colleagues, and his friends, he didn’t end up like Mirrorkara.

Mirrorkara is cornered by Pyramid Head, but just as Pyramid Head is about to slice Mirrokara in two, Linkara calls Pyramid Head back into his Pokeball. Now in his Suburban Knights “King Arthur” outfit, he forces Mirrokara to surrender the anti-magic device and destroys it. Finally changing back into his current outfit, he has Nimue (who has just finished accessing Mirrorkara’s dimensional transporter) beam Mirrokara and Mirror Margaret back to their own universe, and furthermore fuses the circutry so Mirrorkara can’t use it to teleport to any other universes.

I've been catching up on the videos since I haven't watched Linkara in a while and something occurred to me. I wonder what his neighbors must think I they can hear him recording stuff through the walls. He does live in an apartment right? It's a funny thought to me, what do you think?

My understanding is that Lewis’ apartment is pretty soundproof, so that isn’t really an issue. I DO like to imagine that Linkara the character has an incredibly world-weary landlord who constantly gets complaints about Linkara’s shenanigans. “I don’t CARE that you were fighting an interdimensional conquerer of worlds for the fate of our universe, some of us have to work in the morning, so keep it down, alright?”

not anything about at4w but i was wondering were do i start with the spoony experiment ? was just wondering . i am a fan of atop the fourth wall but i watch a video of the spoony's and i was just wondering?

Uhhh if you mean in general, his Phantasmagoria 2 Let’s Play is pretty great. If you mean in terms of storylines, that’s a bit harder for me to answer, as I haven’t really kept up with the Spoony Experiment for a long time and I can’t really remember what happens in what episode, much less where would be a good place to start. Hey, why isn’t there a Spoony Experiment plot guide yet, way to slack off Spoony fandom! ;P (Seriously though if someone with time on their hands wants to put together a more concise list, maybe just stuff relating to the most current storyline with Spoonyroth or whatever, that would be helpful~)

On Comicron-1, Ninja-Style Dancer helps Doctor Linksano test the new “freeze dart”, which freezes targets on impact. That done, Ninja-Style Dancer is about to leave when he hears a zapping sound, followed by Linksano crying out and falling to the floor. Turning around in alarm, Ninja-Style Dancer sees a Cybermat coming at him threateningly. Ninja-Style Dancer throws down a smoke bomb and vanishes.

So there’s a brand-spanking new website for Atop the Fourth Wall, and I just want to take a moment to bring attention to a feature that I personally appreciate. In the FAQ it explains that any episode with storyline stuff will have this tag in the corner of its thumbnail or title card:

Furthermore, I noticed that there are now storyline related tags, allowing you to search for an episode under either “storyline” or a specific storyline name.

Yay for organization!

On Comicron-1, Doctor Linksano shows Linkara a more advanced wrist communicator he’s just finished. It has a constant link with both the apartment and Comicron-1, enhanced signal strength, stronger circuitry, limited scanning function for hazardous environments, and enough power to create a temporary force field for about ten seconds. The force field mostly burns out the communicator, but in that event there’s an emergency transponder that kicks in and summons Comicron-1 to beam the wearer to safety. Linksano also shows Linkara some new model Cybermats, more advanced than the previous ones. Linksano hasn’t programmed the protocols into the new Cybermats yet, but he’ll have that finished by the weekend.

Linkara picks up a device, calling it a “Magic Wand”, and asks if Linksano got it working. Linksano points out that it’s a Sonic Screwdriver, but Linkara insists that it’s a Magic Wand - a magical device that can preform a multitude of tasks like unlocking a door with a spell or acting as a crude laser. Either way, Linksano has had no luck getting it to work. Despite Linksano’s best efforts, magic, and especially integrating magic with technology, is still way beyond him. Linksano goes on to say that technomagic is still relatively new and while Linkara’s contacts were able to help a little, there just hasn’t been much study in the field. Linkara admits that Aplos said that most magic-using folks tend to stick to just casting spells or enchanting objects. He says he’ll take over working on the Magic Wand.

When Linkara and Linksano leave the room to check out the phasers, one of the new Cybermat’s eyes start to glow while a strange voice whispers things like “obey the king of worms” and “you are a clockwork soldier…”