The Walking Foam Lizard (now calling herself Eliza), with Nimue’s instructions, manages to reactivate Pollo. Nimue explains the situation: several individuals in the apartmant were replaced with robot duplicates, those duplicates tricked Linkara into opening a portal to the King of Worms’ dimension, and then the King of Worms attacked with Cybermats that had been corrupted by its influence. Eliza asks how the King of Worms hasn’t been able to affect Nimue and Pollo if it can control robots, and Nimue speculates that the new security protocols installed on them is what protected them. Eliza says the robot that looked like Harvey Finevoice dragged Linkara through the portal. Nimue explains that the portal will remain open indefinitely as long as the gate’s structure is not disturbed. Pollo notices the unconscious Linksano and asks if that’s was an android as well and Nimue confirms, saying it’s being held by a force field in case it reactivates. Pollo says they need more information and enlists Eliza’s help in examining the Linksano android.

Linkara wakes up to find himself in the King of Worms’ domain. He tries using his communicator but it doesn’t seem to be working. Checking himself, he finds he still has all his equipment. Just then he’s approached by what appears to be Harvey, wearing a metallic mask. He says that Linkara’s equipment is not a danger to the King of Worms. Linkara demands an explanation. Harvey explains that the real Harvey was replaced by a robot replica a year ago, and since then it has been acting as an agent of the King of Worms. Meanwhile, the real Harvey was brought to this dimension and is now in service to the King of Worms. Linkara realizes that the King of Worms can take control of organic beings, it just needs one of these masks to do it. Harvey explains that power of the masks does not extend beyond this realm, so it was necessary to take control of the Cybermats. Linkara urges Harvey to fight the King’s control, but he has only this to say:

"The King of Worms saw fear, it is said,
The King of worms thought fear should be fed,
The King of Worms takes your soul to shred,
In the court of Worms, we are all dead.”

Harvey tells Linkara he should feel honored - the King of Worms wants to talk to him personally.

Meanwhile, Pollo and Eliza examine the Linksano android. Pollo notes that Eliza hasn’t been seen around much the last few months and he was starting to think she’d gone off on her own. Eliza explains that she had been born literally a year ago, and yet she knew a lot of things newborns don’t usually know. Pollo understands, realizing Eliza needed some time to herself to figure things out. Eliza admits that she knew about the Cybermats early on. She apologizes for not speaking up, but she wasn’t sure what to think or who to trust. She asks why they’re not charging in to rescue Linkara, and Pollo explains that while the King of Worms thinks they’re out of the fight, they have the element of surprise, and they need more information before they can do anything. Pollo gains access to the android’s memory core and starts downloaded data.

Harvey brings Linkara to the King of Worms. Linkara demands to know what this is all about, and the King of Worms says it’s about fear. He explains that in the time long ago when the Outer Gods walked the inner realities, he experienced fear, something that others of his kind had never felt. He became intimately familiar with fear, it became the ultimate power. Once he had wanted to remove that fear from his face, but after time he realized the power he had, the power he could use to instill fear in beings that could not understand what fear is. Linkara realizes that the King of Worms wants power over the other Outer Gods. Linkara wants to know what all this has to do with him and the King of Worms explains that Linkara’s universe is one he couldn’t enter, he could only exert his influence upon it. He goes on to say that Linkara actually managed to kill an Outer God, when it was thought impossible that they could die at all (Linkara points out that technically the Entity killed itself). The King of Worms says that once the proper gateway was opened, he would be able travel to the place where the Entity died and perhaps find the fear that killed it, and spread it to others.

Linkara realizes that this whole thing was a trap to make him open the portal for the King of Worms, but there’s something he doesn’t understand: the King didn’t need Linkara, he just needed the Magic Gun, so why didn’t he replace Linkara with an android like he did with the others? The King of Worms admits that he DID attempt to do just that, and sent a Cybermat to stun him like with the others, but it didn’t work. When Linkara was brought to the King of Worms’ realm, a mask was made for him, but it had no effect on him. Linkara asks why, and the King of Worms confesses he doesn’t know. That’s why Linkara is still alive despite having completed his task, the King of Worms wants to know the secret that is protecting him. Linkara says he doesn’t know either but the King of Worms says that’s irrelevant. He gives Linkara an hour to prepare himself. The King of Worms says he will know Linkara’s secret if he has to dissect Linkara’s very soul.

Linkara, Pollo, Harvey Finevoice and Doctor Linksano prepare to enter the Court of Worms. Linkara explains that their first priority is to kill the King of Worms, their second to rescue Jaeris. He says that everyone’s weapons have been modified by Linksano (using the information they got from Lord Vyce’s records) to be effective against Entity-like creatures, but since Vyce never actually killed the Entity, the weapons will only get them so far. Pollo, now in the Battle Pollo body, asks what they should be expecting on the other side. Linksano says that little is known about the King of Worm’s domain, but Vyce’s records mention one man who entered it. When he escaped, he was placed in an insane asylum, in his mad ramblings he said:

"Fear predates the tongue or race,
There is a place it hides.
Where maggots crawl at clockwork pace
And platinum masks succeed the face.

In frightful white, there lies a place 
The King of Worms abides.”

Following Linksano’s instructions from before, Linkara successfully opens a portal to the King of Worm’s dimension. Linksano says that his task is complete, and before Linkara can process this he’s ambushed by Cybermats. Linkara manages to fight them off but they swarm Pollo and disable his anti-gravity system. He manages to say he’ll try to transfer to another body just before the Cybermats shut him down. Linkara orders Nimue to isolate the Cybermats with force fields, but Linksano starts disabling Nimue’s interface systems within the apartment. Linkara fires the Magic Gun at Linksano, seemingly killing him. Linkara examines the body in alarm, as the shot was only supposed to stun him, and discovers wires and computer parts poking out of the wound. 

Linkara looks up to find the apartment full of Cybermats, all staring at him. He warns Harvey that they’re surrounded, but Harvey removes his fingers, revealing a gun. He aims at Linkara and fires.

The Walking Foam Lizard watches. 

Doctor Linksano approaches Linkara with good news. He says he hasn’t been able to jam the King of Worm’s signals so it wouldn’t be safe to turn the Cybermats back on, but he has been able to figure out a way to enter the King of Worm’s realm. Linkara says that Nimue was already able to track the location of the King of Worm’s portal to their dimension, the problem is that the King of Worm’s would probably see them coming. Linksano says that with the study of magic he’s been doing lately, he’s been able to discover a way to open secondary portal into the King of Worm’s dimension. He explains that he will construct an archway that will project energy into a confined space, then Linkara will use his Magic Gun to fire a burst of energy into it while simultaneously using his Magic Wand to adjust the beam so it will cut a hole into that universe. Linkara asks how will they close the portal after they defeat the King of Worms, and Linksano says that once he switches off the projectors, the energy should dissipate and the portal will close on its own. Linksano admits he doesn’t really know how Linkara expects to kill the King of Worms once they’re inside and Linkara says that since they were finally able to crack Lord Vyce’s database on fighting creatures like the Entity, they should have a ready-made arsenal on fighting eldrich creatures before they attack.

Linkara leaves to tell the others the plan. Once alone, Linksano listens intently to a strange whispering voice and says, “I hear and obey.” 

On Jaeris’ ship, Jaeris and Pollo attempt to locate Jaeris’ home universe, with little success. Pollo says that Nimue has been sending probes into other universes to collect more data, creating a more complete map of the Multiverse. Jaeris suggests that Sierra coordinate with Nimue on the search, but Pollo says that ever since the incident with Lord Vyce, Linkara has been hesitant to let any other computer systems connect with Nimue; even Pollo himself has been restricted. Jaeris insists that Sierra is fine and Sierra interjects, saying that he’s detected something that Pollo has not: several otherdimensional signals on a strange wavelength directed towards Linkara’s apartment. Linkara’s systems have not been able to detect them because the signals were deliberately hidden by someone who knows the capabilities of Comicron-1, one was not aware of Sierra’s own unique capabilities. Sierra explains that there are multiple signals emanating through a very small hole in the universe and he can’t access the other side of the opening. The majority of the signals are heading towards Linkara’s apartment, those some of the signals seems to have no actual endpoint and may just be background signals coming from random other universes. Suddenly Sierra goes silent, much to Jaeris’ alarm. When Sierra finally speaks again, he says, “I hear and obey.”

Pollo realizes with shock that Sierra has released some kind of knockout gas into the air. Jaeris orders Sierra to restore the atmosphere but he is ignored. Pollo tries to hack into Sierra’s system but this allows Sierra to access Pollo’s system and overload his power supply, shutting him down. “You cannot stop my King,” Sierra says as Jaeris passes out from the knockout gas.

Meanwhile in Linkara’s apartment, Linkara explains to Harvey Finevoice that with the assistance of Cloak 1, the “Magic Wand" is up and running. Suddenly the "Travel Pollo" body on Linkara’s shelf comes to life as Pollo comes to. Linkara explains that Pollo’s bodies all share a group consciousness, so when one body is disabled, he can simply transfer his mind into another. Pollo warns that he and Jaeris were attacked by Sierra and Nimue starts tracking Jaeris’ ship. She’s able to track the ship going behind the moon, but suddenly reports that the ship has disappeared. The ship has simply vanished and Nimue has no explanation for it. Linkara asks Pollo for more information and Pollo tells him about the signals Sierra detected and how Sierra said something about obeying a "King." 

Linkara puts the pieces together and concludes that Sierra was talking about the King of Worms, citing how the Absent Grimoire mentioned that the King of Worms uses “clockwork soldiers,” aka robots. The King of Worms is probably responsible for the Cybermats attacking and has now taken control of Sierra. Pollo asks why he and Nimue were not overtaken and Harvey points out that Pollo might already be under the King of Worms’ control, but Linkara disagrees. If that were the case, Pollo wouldn’t have told him about the attack on Jaeris. Linkara remembers that a while back Pollo felt like something was “pushing” him and suggests that the King of Worms HAS tries to take control of Pollo and Nimue, but the new security protocols they installed after Vyce took over Nimue have prevented that - the Cybermats were the last to receive them. Linkara says they’re going after the King of Worms.

Ninja-Style Dancer surprises Linkara, warning that the Cybermats can’t be trusted and that they need to get out of there. Linkara is skeptical, but he changes his tune when a Cybermat shocks the Ninja, knocking him unconscious. Linkara activates the Cybermat Emergency Shutdown, shutting down the Cybermat. Later, Doctor Linksano examines the Cybermat and claims he can’t find anything wrong with it. Ninja-Style Dancer is still unconscious and Linksano doesn’t want to try waking him until he knows what the Cybermat did to him. Frustrated, Linkara orders Linksano to keep the Cybermats offline and take them apart until he can find out what’s wrong with them. Linkara leaves, and Linksano turns his head to listen to some strange, unseen voice. “I hear and obey.”

Allen enters the apartment to find Pollo alone at the computer. Allen is looking for Linkara as he’s two days behind on his report, and he also wants to ask about the Walking Foam Lizard. Pollo apologizes, explaining that they’ve been busy trying to locate Lord Vyce and may have uncovered an even greater threat. Allen wants to know more but Pollo says Linkara can give him the details once Pollo calls him down from Comicron-1. Allen notices that Nimue appears to be offline and Pollo explains that her apartment-based systems are undergoing maintenance and she’ll be back soon. Allen asks what Pollo’s doing now and Pollo explains that he’s trying to get into Vyce’s records of his battles against the Entity and interdimentional beings like it, but they’re heavily encrypted. Vyce was tied in so closely to the original systems of Comicron-1 that many of the ship’s functions were disabled when Vyce was dealt with, such as the temporal shields and his records.

Allen reads from what is apparently one of the many legends about the King of Worms. It states that the King of Worms’ face was so twisted by fear that he dare not show it to anyone. In its quest to fix its face, the King of Worms found a world that had never known any pain or horror, a place that did not know fear. The King of Worms knew it had to understand fear if it was to face it again, so it placed a nightmare in the mind of every living being on this world. The nightmare drove everyone mad and they turned on each other, killing themselves and each other. Eventually there was only one inhabitant left in the world The King of Worms restored sanity to this being, who was then filled with grief and sorrow. “The King made his first throne upon this world,” Allen finishes, “built upon the crushed soul of the last sane being of a world that had gone mad.”

Pollo explains that legends like this is all the information they can really get on the King of Worms, anything else is trapped inside the encrypted files. Allen asks if he can take a shot at the files and Pollo let’s him at the computer. As he works, Allen asks when Linkara was planning on telling him about the King of Worms, and Pollo says he’s sure Linkara would have mentioned it in his next report, they’ve just been busy. Annoyed, Allen says he gets busy too, like at the moment he’s helping with the construction of a ship called the “Caelestis”, the first manned fight to Jupiter. To Pollo’s surprise, Allen easily breaks through the encrypted files, saying he’s seen encryptions like this before. Pollo excitedly contacts Linkara and teleports to Comicron-1, leaving Allen alone. Allen gets up to leave, but he is zapped by a Cybermat and falls to the ground unconscious. The Walking Foam Lizard watches silently.

Has 80's Chick shown up again outside of Party Mania?

No, Party Mania is 80s Chick’s only appearance so far.

Linkara and Pollo break into Lord Vyce’s hideout, only to find he’s not there. Pollo detects a residual energy trace coming from Vyce’s Shade body and concludes that he’s been gone no more than a day. Linkara is furious, saying they could’ve been there sooner if Ninja-Style Dancer had shown up when he was supposed to and wonders where he is. Pollo says that Doctor Linksano said he saw Ninja-Style Dancer leave in a hurry. Linkara says he’s sick of everyone coming and going without a word and maybe he should built more Cybermats to help out. Pollo reports that the Cybermats are infiltrating other areas of the hideout and are finding armor plating and metal working materials. Linkara guesses that Vyce is trying to rebuild his old suit. Nimue has managed to get into the files on Vyce’s computers and they’re able to see what Vyce was looking at most recently. It appears to be a poem about the King of Worms:

The King of Worms wears a crown of terror
In the Court of Worms there is none fairer
We are all equal beneath the surface layer
Our souls are screaming and begging in prayer

Linkara tells Pollo to download everything on the computers and have Nimue bring up Vyce’s files on fighting the Entity again. If Vyce was concerned about the King of Worms, maybe they should be too.

A Cybermat watches from the shadows.

In the apartment, Pollo communicates with Linkara up in Comicron-1. They believe they’ve finally located Lord Vyce and Linkara tells Pollo to get the gang together and Pollo sounds the alarm. 90s Kid arrives in confusion and Pollo asks if he’s seen Ninja-Style Dancer, to which 90s Kid responds in the negative. Pollo says that Ninja-Style Dancer hasn’t answered his communicator in a while and they need to find him. Pollo tells 90s Kid to call Harvey Finevoice and tell him to get over here but 90s Kid says that he just passed Harvey in the hall, and mentions that he’s talking to himself. Pollo tells 90s Kid to get him while he issues a recall on the Cybermats and anyone else they can find.

During this, the Walking Foam Lizard has been watching from the shadows. She silently turns and leaves.

When storyline segments show up in an episode, when are they added to the guide?

I usually try to add the storyline segments within the same day the episode is released, but it depends on when I actually watch it.